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this site is dead and has been for a while now. Go to Roblox News for Roblox updates.


Check out our awesome new stuff:

Granny’s Sun Hat – Gran loves Sunday mornings. She goes to market and then takes a walk in the woods behind her house. She has to be careful though. There are wolves in those woods!

Fire Clan Hillfighter – He must learn to control his fire gift. If he burns down the clan’s base one more time, they’re going to kick him out.

Granny’s Crossbow – Living in the woods by yourself is tough. Don’t worry about Granny though, she’s got a crossbow!

Gearloose Googles – Leetest steampunk item yet? I think so.

Happy Clown – I’m pretty sure that clowns are always happy. So the happy part is a bit redundant.

Clown Hat – Send in the clowns!

Flashbang – Temporarily blind your enemies with your glory!

Talk about the new items here.




I have been doing ALOT. Sorry…I was not on. I was working on a pic system. I can now make TRANSPARENT PICS FOR YOU. That means the background will be transparent. THIS IS ROBLOX USE ONLY.

The Cyborg key boardCyborg gaming controler


Now you can update your status on Roblox, and tell all your friends what you’re doing right now. You can update your status by clicking on My Roblox or by viewing your own profile page while logged in. All status updates will be visble to all of your friends, and will show up in the feeds of those who have you as a best friend. Tell them how you’re pwning the opposition… then shamefully admit how you got pwned 5 minutes in.

Best Friends

Choose up to 10 of your friends to be “best friends.” You can do this by going to your friends page and clicking “Add Best Friend” next to any of your friends, or go to a friend’s profile page and click the “Add Best Friend” link next to their avatar. Your best friends will show up in a list on your “My Roblox” page, and you’ll be able to see what they’re up to in your feed.


Follow your best friends! The new Roblox Feed collects and displays status updates from your best friends, so you’re always in the loop. And status updates are just the beginning – expect to see all kinds of interesting info about your best friends coming soon.

As always, we’ll be filtering and moderating your status updates, so be nice!


Your formerly Canadian Roblo-Sam

!!!Happy 4th of July!!!

ROBLOX has planned an explosive celebration for the 4th of July. We wanted to find something everyone could enjoy and we believe that fireworks are fun in any language! To celebrate, we’re giving out the R-80 to all Robloxians for FREE! This special item will only be available for 7 days so get them while they last!

We also have some other very special 4th of July gear items available for rent.

Sparkler – Always fun and a great way to celebrate! Get yours today!

Roman Candle – Light up the night (or the day) with this awesome firework! These fireworks will amaze you – especially if you’re using them in a dark place.

ROBLOX is offering these special virtual fireworks because they’re a safe way for everyone to enjoy fireworks. Please remember that virtual fireworks are very different from real fireworks. It is important to be responsible when using firework in real life. Check out The National Council on Fireworks Safety’s website for tips on how to enjoy the fireworks safely.

We also have a number of special edition 4th of July hats that will be going on sale throughout the weekend. Check them out:

Liberty’s Crown
– The Statue of Liberty is a beautiful symbol of America. Mimic her elegance with this majestic crown.

Washington’s Hat – A brand new limited edition hat. Celebrate America’s independence in a historically accurate way!

Policy Wonk – A little piece of classic Americana for you. Always a hit at fireworks shows.

USA Umbrella – Keep the rain out …patriotically!

Uncle Sam’s Top Hat – This is back on sale for a limited time only! Wear his hat. He asked you nicely!

USA Baseball Cap
– Going to a baseball game this 4th of July? Playing baseball this Independence Day? Perfect.

Kung Fu Patriot – The Kung Fu Patriot uses his masterful Kung Fu skills to protect his country and defend the righteous.

Motocross 76: Old Glory
– There is no better way to enjoy your freedom than speeding along the roads that your forefathers traveled by horseback may years ago.

Talk about the 4th of July stuff here!


Hats Hats Hats

Roblox is getting good at making hat meshes,heads,gear, and faces. They are going bizerk and comming out with new stuff every day. They even make hair now!!! Come and see what there making at the roblox catolog.


Turbo Builders Club.

Members of this paid premium service receive all of the benefits of the regular Builders Club, including selling shirts and pants, and not seeing ads. In addition, Turbo Builders Club members receive a few exclusive upgrades from regular Builders Club:

  • twenty-five places instead of ten
  • a daily income of 35 ROBUX
  • the exclusive Turbo Builders Club site managers hat
  • an exclusive gear item.

We are also introducing a lifetime signing bonus (once per account) of 100 ROBUX for all new Builders Club and Turbo Builders Club members.

You can sign up for Turbo Builders Club here.

A Special Thanks to Current BC Members

To show our appreciation for all of our loyal and dedicated Builders Club members, we are retroactively granting the same signing bonus mentioned above to all currently active BC members. Thanks!


For the next little bit, BC members (new and existing) will not be able to upgrade to Turbo BC – you can subscribe to Turbo BC after your current membership expires, but you cannot upgrade. This is strictly a technical limitation, and we will be introducing an upgrade option for everyone very shortly. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks guys,

– RobloTim



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